Opening Doors To Tomorrow

Follow the progress of our Capital Faith Campaign

What is the Opening Doors To Tomorrow Campaign?

Opening Doors To Tomorrow

What Are The Details About The Campaign?

The Opening Doors To Tomorrow is a Capital Faith Campaign designed to help fund the ministry of CrossWinds. During this campaign we will be focused on four initiatives...

  1. Funding our Hope Pack program: This program provides school supplies to under resourced families in School District 123, Chicago Public Schools (Mt. Greenwood area) and Chicagoland Prison Outreach families. By the end of the next 3 years we hope to be helping about 750 students.
  2. Social Media Impact: We will be repurposing one of our rooms and turning it into a multi-media room.
  3. Upgrading our facilities: We will be focusing our priorities: Parking Lot, Worship Center, Children's Rooms, Student Ministry Rooms and Bathrooms.
  4. Plant a new Church on the south side of Chicago.

5 Ways To Give...

  1. Give A Cash Gift... Cash gifts can include savings, tax refunds, stock dividends, extra part time jobs, deferring a major purchase, etc. Ask god for creative ideas to raise cash and then give.
  2. Make a 36-Month Giving Pledge... You can give far more when it's spread out over time. You will be amazed at the total of your potential weekly or monthly giving over 3 years.
  3. Set Up Automatic Giving Online... The easiest way to schedule giving to your 36 month pledge is to set it up automatically by clicking on the Give Here button bellow. Our online giving platform is safe, secure and easy to use.
  4. Give Property, Stock, or Other Items of Value... Give stock, real estate, cars, gold, jewelry, boats, bonds, etc. For more information email Mike Mesco at
  5. Make CrossWinds Church A Beneficiary In Your Will And Trust... For more information on how to do this email Mike Mesco at

What are the best and safest ways to give?

There are two ways to give here at CrossWinds...

  1. Use the offering envelopes located in the pews here at the church. Please make sure you mark what you want to go to the general fund and the campaign. Remember we should be giving 10% first to the general fund and then everything after that should go to the campaign. If you would like to mail in your donation you can do that: CrossWinds Church - 10835 S. Pulaski Rd. - Chicago, IL - 60655
  2. You can go online by clicking on the "Give Here" button located below. Then just follow the instructions. One of the best ways to set up your campaign donation is by setting up automatic giving. It's simple, easy and safe.

Amount Given To Date?

Received To Date: $122,000

Campaign Goal: $450,000