New Teaching Series

Get Answers to Life's Tough Questions

Real Questions - Real Answers (A Study in the Book of Ecclesiastes)

We all have tough questions as we try to understand life and the world we live in. This in not new. Actually King Solomon wrote a book called Ecclesiastes which documents the tough questions that he had and the conclusions he came to. The amazing thing is that those questions and conclusions are still relevant today. So join us as we ask these real life questions and discover real answers.

September 18 - What's The Purpose Of Life?

September 25 - How Can I Experience Joy?

October 02 - How Can I Prioritize My Time?

October 09 - Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

October 16 - What Happens After Death?

October 23 - How Much Money Is Enough?

October 30 - Why Should I Work Hard?

November 06 - How To Face Tomorrow?