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November 29, 2020 - A Hope that keeps me calm in a crisis - James 1:19-25 (Pastor Stephen Puett)

Two Key Factors in Approaching God’s Word…

  1. You must Receive it
  2. You must Obey it
  1. Anger is not necessarily sinful

Two Kinds of Anger…

  1. Righteous Anger

Anger is energy that is designed to defend or preserve something

B. Unrighteous Anger

Two signs of unrighteous anger…

  • A quick temper

  • Leads to evil

V. 20 - “does not produce the righteousness of God”

V. 21 - “filthiness and rampant wickedness”

2. Being calm is not produced by self-control, but with humility

The cause of unrighteous anger is pride.

The In-and-Out of Anger…

  • Inward Anger = Bitterness
  • Outward Anger = Emotional Outbursts

How Do I Learn to Recognize pride?

A. A proud person argues about everything.

B. A proud person enjoy’s confronting or avoids confronting

C. A proud person is always unhappy in life