GIFT Groups

Connecting through Small Groups

GIFT Groups

Pastor Stephen has on several occasions introduced the “hand” principle for our approach to the Word of God - hear, read, study, meditate, memorize, and apply.   As a way of getting us to start down that path, we are starting up small groups.

The small groups (“Growing-In-Faith-Together” groups or GIFT groups) are primarily designed to introduce the Bible as the Word of God to you, and to show you that the Bible is not just for an educated, professional group, but is meant for everyday people like you and me.  The small group study is meant to show you that the Bible is absolutely relevant and vital to all followers of Christ in any generation, but sometimes it takes overcoming some obstacles to start down the path of getting into the Word of God, so that the Word of God gets into you.  The Bible as the Word of God was designed and is intended for you and you were created and intended for the Bible as the Word of God.

There will be three GIFT groups beginning the week of September 18.

There will be three GIFT groups, each on a different day of the week - one on Monday, another on Tuesday, and another on Thursday.  PLEASE CHECK THE GROUP YOU WILL BE MOST ABLE TO ATTEND.

For more Info Contact Mike Mesco