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July 13, 2020 - Listening is a great tool when we share the gospel. When I listen I am letting the other person know that they are important, their story is important. When I listen it breaks down walls that are normally up when I just jump into the gospel.

General George Marshall gives there three tips when it comes to listening: Listen to the other person's story, Listen to the other person's full story, and listen to the other person's full story first. When I hear a person's story then I hear about there cares and concerns. Once I know these concerns then I can share with them the love of God and how he can help them along on their spiritual journey.

Who are you sharing Christ with today? Take some time to listen to someone's story.

Yesterday we had two new people visit with us online. We are thankful for the many different ways that we are able to connect with people and share the message of the gospel. Keep praying that our online content would continue to connect with people and that we would see lives changed.

We also had someone else contact us to say this... "So much to be Thankful for" Crosswinds has been my spiritual family and has shown support in my many times of need. Im so Grateful for this Community that God has placed in my life. Through my tough times and brokenness Nothing but Major support, Nurmous Phone calls,Prayers, Uplifting words of encouragement and Unexpected blessing has been presented to me through Crosswinds. When you surround yourself around Positive Christian Bible reading and Faith based individuals, there is nothing that can't be accomplished through God and our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to thank you again for the loving gestures and constant Prayers that I receive from Crosswinds." When you give here at CrossWinds you are making an impact in people's lives. Thank you.

Have a great day.

July 12, 2020 - Today we will be having services at 9am and 11am. Not comfortable coming out yet, then join us online at We hope to connect with you.

Have a great day.

July 11, 2020 - “Evangelism” is proclaiming God’s “evangel” or “gospel.” This message or “Word” is empowered by God to create saving faith in people to believe his gospel, turn from sin and follow Jesus. The word “gospel” means “good news.” It was used in the Roman Empire of New testament times for momentous public announcements like the birth of an Emperor. The “Gospel of God” is God’s sensational announcement to his world, progressively revealed throughout the Bible (Rom. 1:1-17). The Gospel is not everything good announced in the Bible but has specific content.

Today we will have our family service at 5pm. If you are planning on coming let us know by registering...

Saturday, July 11, Family Service - 5PM

Tomorrow we will be having service online and here at the church at 9am and 11am. We hope to see you.

Have a great day.

July 10, 2020 - We live in a polarized society where if you don't agree with someone and have a different view point then you are an enemy. We love our freedoms and our rights. We don't like it when anyone tells us to do something, even when it is God. "I feel like I should be able to do this." "I don't like this rule, this way, this law, so I will rebel against it." While there is room to confront injustice, there is no room for lawlessness. The gospel calls people to live peacefully with all men. The gospel calls us to live a just life. The gospel calls us to submit to the authorities that are above us. When we don't then we are not keeping in step with the gospel.

This Sunday we will continue our study in the book of Galatians. We will see Paul confront Peter by saying you are not "keeping in step with the gospel." To confront means that we base it on truth, not how we feel or even what opinion I may have. Truth is what sets us free. Like to know more? Join us Sunday for our Celebration Service either here live (register below) or online at

Register for a live service...

Saturday, July 11, Family Service - 5PM

Sunday, July 12, Celebration Service - 9AM

Sunday, July 12, Celebration Service - 11AM

Hope you have a great day.

July 9, 2020 - Pausing to do an evaluation is important to a persons life. I try to do this at least twice a year. Let me encourage you to take an hour or two today to do some evaluating. Here are 5 questions I am working through.

  1. How are you staying connected to Jesus?
  2. How have you seen God move in your life recently?
  3. How are you finding time for play and rest?
  4. How has COVID-19 impacted your work/life rhythms, and is there anything that should change?
  5. Who are you praying with regularly?

A reminder that we will be serving at Elim Christian Services on Thursday July 16, 23, & 30 from 9am to 11am. I just found out that they have tents set up outside. You will still need to wear a face mask for the time that you are there and they will have things set up with social distancing in mind. We will be sending out more details tomorrow to all those who signed up. If you still want to be involved then sign up today.

If you are planning to join us here over the weekend then please register by clicking on the plan a visit card.

Have a great day.

June 2, 2020

As I sit here my heart is broken. Over the past week I have had many different emotions as we have seen the death of George Floyd and then the response to that death. I have felt sadness for the family of Mr. Floyd as they lost a loved one. I have felt anger towards those who were a part of this. I have felt empathy as I have heard from my friends in the African American community. I have also been frustrated as I have seen some take advantage of peaceful protests. I have also felt fear as many, including those in law enforcement, are scared something might happen to their families during this time of unrest. The emotions are real and raw.

Unfortunately this story continues to repeat itself over and over again on our country. We hear the stories of George Floyd and Ahmed Arbery, we get upset, we protest and then in the coming weeks everything dies down. However, this is not true for some. These two stories are just two of a rising pile of injustices here in our country.

As I sit, listen and discuss this issue with friends here are some of my take aways... First, those of color are viewed and treated differently than others. We use lots of different words to describe this treatment: Racism, injustice, bigotry, profiling, and implicit bias. While the more high profile situations grab our attention, there are thousands of other personal stories of mistreatment and mistrust.

Second, The white evangelical leaders and church have to stop being silent. Most of the time the only people you hear speaking are African American Pastors. This has to stop. It's time that all churches acknowledge that there is a real problem that must be addressed and we must not be silent. Here at CrossWinds we need to do a better job of helping everyone know and understand the issues that everyone in our community is facing. I believe that silence can cause confusion and frustration. Some think, "Why would the church be silent on injustice, especially when God speaks so much about righteousness and justice?" Because of this silence, the church has lost its voice in certain communities which causes us to miss opportunities to share the gospel.

Third, The gospel not only changes lives, but changes communities. One of the things we often forget is that those in Biblical times faced the same kind of persecution as many African Americans do today. They were profiled for their belief. They were taken out of their homes and killed. In these situations it was the gospel that brought unity to a community. Paul, in 1 Thessalonians 1:4-6, tells us that the Thessalonians were entrusted with the gospel, filled with the Holy Spirit, engaged in the community and endured hardship together for the mission of the gospel. A community can only be transformed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel promotes justice and righteousness in a community.

How should we respond...

Prayer - This week we will be having two prayer services

  • On Wednesday we will be having a Zoom prayer meeting at 7pm. We will be sending out details via email with the zoom link tomorrow morning.

Speak Out - Over the next few years we want to set aside some time to openly talk about these issues. We will schedule them so we can have some open dialogue concerning these issues and how we as a church need to respond. The gospel will be the basis of these conversations.

Engage Local Leaders - Through our partnership and friendship with many local leaders we want to take these conversations and ideas to them for further discussion of how it can impact our greater community.

Here at CrossWinds, if we are going to help people along on their spiritual journey then this is just one issue we have to address and point them to the gospel.