21 Days of Prayer

Moving from Fear to Faith

21 Days of Prayer: 21 Courageous Prayers

Join us on this transformational journey through the Psalms. You will be challenged this year to move beyond your fears to faith in who God is.

Fear and anxiety can have a crippling effect on our lives. They can keep us from taking appropriate ministry risks. Fear can coax us into settling for second best. It can lure us into feelings of unworthiness. Anxiety can trigger unhealthy emotional responses.

So where does courage come from? Well in our study in the book of Psalms we will learn who our God is. We will see that The LORD is our King, Rock, Portion, Joy, Cup, Savior, Refuge and 14 other things. When we understand who God is then we can trust him and that trust will bring courage.

There are many ways to join us on this transformational journey...

  1. Starting September 1 you can pick up a 21 Courageous Prayers journey guide. (Don't start on September 1 wait and join us on September 8)
  2. Spend the next 21 Days, starting September 8, privately with God by following along in the journey guide.
  3. Join us for a corporate time of prayer together each morning here at the church.

Sunday - Celebration Service at 10am

Monday - Friday - Prayer Service at 6am

Saturday - Prayer Service 9am

(We will be broadcasting the prayer service Monday - Friday live on our facebook page)

We will close everything out with a prayer Breakfast on September 28 at 8am.

We hope that you will join us as we seek the Lord corporately and individually.